Growing up I loved to write and play musical instruments. For as long as I can remember I've expressed myself through journalling, poetry, lyrics and in 2015 I released my first album titled Who Are You?, juggling music around my work as a Creative Strategist at busy advertising agencies. It was a milestone for me. I was fortunate enough to be introduced by Tom Robinson on BBC6 Music and be reviewed by media outlets including The Guardian. I don't mind telling you that it was challenging getting up on stage, being seen and singing about my inner-most thoughts. Yet I can't imagine life without having had that experience. Songwriting helped me get comfortable sharing my authentic self and the creative process makes a great container for emotions, a place to meet them with curiosity and acceptance.​

I consider creativity to be a healing path and after experiencing this first-hand I was hooked on personal transformation. I studied counselling at Birkbeck University and psychotherapy at Regents. I learned how the unconscious mind impacts our behaviour and how unintegrated trauma can live inside our system if it goes unchecked. I practiced holding safe spaces where people could feel their feelings and I learned to trust in the validity of every emotion that surfaces - to view their coming to pass as a natural, necessary part of growth.

From here I trained in Transformational Breath®, a powerful practice that processes and resolves past hurts by acting directly on your physiology and expanding conscious awareness. My own experiences with this technique have been profound. States of bliss that shook my heart and cracked it open, connectedness to all that's bigger than myself and enduring, elevated perspective. I'm now qualified to facilitate Transformational Breath® sessions online, which can also include personal coaching at the client's request. Transformational Breath® has been awarded Best Complementary Therapy by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine and all practitioners like myself are accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Today I'm at your service sharing Transformational Breath®, music, writing and creative marketing support for conscious business leaders. My aim? To inspire a more soulful life for us all. What's a soulful life? One that you wake up to each morning feeling at peace with, no nagging doubts or 'what ifs'. How do you get there? With compassion, support and proven transformational techniques. I look forward to meeting you.