Hayley Cannon Transformational Breath


Conscious breathing has a long history, with roots in Taoist, Vedic & Yogic models of health and spirituality. Transformational Breath® is a therapeutic breathwork training system, developed by Judith Kravitz over four decades and awarded Best Complementary Medicine Organisation by the Institute Complementary & Natural Medicine. In essence it is an open-mouthed breathing technique, without pauses, which is safe and beneficial for everyone. We can all improve the depth and flow of our breath, taking in more oxygen, essential for healthy cellular regeneration. 


If you're familiar with Wim Hof, Leonard Orr (Rebirthing) or Dr. Stanislav Grof (Holotropic breathwork) you'll be interested to know that Transformational Breath® has expanded beyond these modalities, integrating various principles from Kundalini Yoga, breath analysis, sound healing, acupressure, alongside spiritual principles accessible to all. The Transformational Breath® Foundation have seen a marked increase of interest in their work as breathwork increasingly captures the imagination of the scientific and medical community. TBF are a leading training provider for doctors/healthcare professionals and is endorsed by leaders in integrative medicine including Deepak Chopra MD and Christiane Northrup MD. With the body of scientific literature growing year on year, it's an exciting time to be in the field.


You can experience Transformational Breath® at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home with me as your guide via Zoom, or in person at my home therapy room in Luton. After a few sessions you'll be able to practice Transformational Breath® it independently, developing an effective daily routine if that is your aim. You can also choose to combine your Transformational Breath® session with personal coaching, to supercharge your growth.


  • ​Increase oxygenation 

  • Boost immunity

  • Boost & balance energy

  • Stimulate circulation & lymphatic drainage i.e. detox

  • Boost self-esteem & joy

  • Expand conscious awareness, deepen meditation

  • Enhance intuition, productivity & creativity

  • Manage pain including headaches & chronic back pain

  • Alleviate anaerobic diseases & respiratory ailments like asthma

  • Alleviate digestive issues including IBS

  • Help for women with infertility/history of miscarriage where there is no medical cause

  • Bring awareness to self-sabotaging patterns including addiction

  • Reduce stress, depression & negative emotions

  • Reduce social anxiety, performance anxiety & generalised anxiety

  • Combat psychosomatic illnesses

  • Clear past trauma including PTSD & birth trauma



Transformational Breath® is a wonderful tool for women in labour, similar to the grounding and comforting techniques taught in Hypnobirthing. Booking a few sessions prior to your due date gives you an opportunity to release some of the anxiety you might have about giving birth and get used to the breathing pattern that will help you feel calmer and more empowered during contractions.


An adapted form of Transformational Breath® can also be given to babies to clear birth trauma. Even the smoothest of births can be experienced as traumatic to newborns, as they transition from the darkness of the womb to bright light or have their cord cut before they’re fully ready to take their first breath. Trauma is stored in the body but can easily, gently be released by breathing together with baby whilst holding acupressure points on baby's tummy. It is always such a joy to teach parents how they can practice Transformational Breath® with their little ones independently at home, to support the recovery of Mum and baby, and promote bonding and relaxation.

Familiarising children with Transformational Breath® is a fantastic way to build awareness of their breath, emotions and how the two are connected. You are never too young to learn how to tune in to feelings, accept and release them in a safe and healthy way. Tailoring Transformational Breath® sessions to the child's age and stage, using play to hold their attention, is an effective way to instil the basic principles. A session is also an opportunity for a child to 'just be', free from the pressures of family life and school, with no need to achieve any particular outcome. Some rejuvenating downtime away from hectic schedules and screens.​


Transformational Breath®​:

Suitable for adults inc. pregnant women and those what want to learn how to breathe with baby.

  • £55 for 60min session

  • £160 for 3 sessions booked upfront

Transformational Breath® plus coaching​:

Suitable for adults.

  • £80 for 90min session including personal coaching

  • £235 for 3 sessions booked upfront

Transformational Breath® children​:

In-person only. Parents welcome to join when the child is very young.

  • £45 for 40min session

  • £130 for 3 sessions booked upfront

Hayley Cannon Transformational Breath


When booking a session always choose a practitioner certified by The Transformational Breath® Foundation (TBF) for the safest, highest quality experience. My certifications include:

  • Transformational Breath® Online Facilitation, TBF

  • Transformational Breath® Professional  Level IVa, TBF

  • Transformational Breath® Basic Coaching Skills Training, TBF & International Coaching Federation 

  • Transformational Breath® Professional Training Level IVb & V, TBF (completion due 2021)

  • Transformational Breath® Continuing Professional Development (in progress)

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy Foundation Certificate, Regent's University

  • Distinction in Introduction to Counselling & Counselling Skills, Birkbeck University of London

  • Reiki First Degree (Usui Tradition), The Shen Tao Clinic of Oriental Medicine