We created this glossary of the most common kinds of work we do for our clients. We hope it helps you understand our services. If you’re still not sure about anything give us a shout.

AUDIENCE RESEARCH - Exploring your current target audience, leaning into any data and insights you currently have access to, for example Facebook page analytics. Pinning down what your audience loves about you and your brand - why they come back for more. It’s often not the reason you think it is! Exploring who else you could appeal to. Who are you not yet reaching that you could? Identifying any ‘barriers to entry’, the reasons why people might not be booking with you, in order to overcome such obstacles.

MARKET RESEARCH - Identifying other people/brands operating in your field. Gaining insights about what works well, what appeals to people; as well as what does not work, the pitfalls and clichés to avoid. Looking at innovative new products emerging in this market to see if there are any you would like to start offering e.g. subscription model. Re-evaluating whether your current business model is working as hard as it could for you. Striving for an exciting evolution.

BRAND RESEARCH - Getting under the skin of you and your brand, the benefits you deliver and any ‘unique selling points’ that help you stand out from the crowd - your USP's. Going above and beyond what you currently communicate to create a highly compelling and relatable profile for you. We strive for human-to-human marketing. It’s the most effective form.

BRAND/PRODUCT BOOST - Optimising your current brand/products to boost your presence. Defining what your brand stands for, its values and personality versus others out there. Demonstrating how you can stand out from the crowd, visually and through language. The visual side of things could include your logo, fonts & colour palette. The linguistic side might include an ‘elevator pitch’ for your brand, tone of voice guidelines; plus unique and ownable product/service names to help differentiate the work you do.

CONTENT CREATION - Designing and producing content for your marketing needs e.g. social media posts. Ensuring it points your audience to further information e.g. to your website, event page - to continue their journey with your brand.

DIGITAL PR - Analysing content gaps to create a blog strategy. Backlink audit & competitor analysis. Blog post briefs. Technical health check/reporting. Link and authority building through digital PR.

EMAIL STRATEGY - Reviewing your email database to determine what kinds of leads you have in there i.e. what potential can be unlocked from your database. If you mainly have repeat customers the focus of your next email could be up-selling them a high-value bundle. If you have lots of people who have never purchased, use email to convert the ‘cold prospects’ sitting on the sidelines. Creating email templates for ongoing use and providing copy guidance including best practice sales techniques. Modern attention spans are short so the right approach can make all the difference.

EVENT MARKETING STRATEGY - Creating a strategy to promote key events and launches. Crafting an event page that works hard, using best in class sales copy techniques. Researching new platforms & channels to get you noticed beyond your usual social media & email channels e.g. 3rd party websites, online influencers, opportunities on the ground in relevant geographical areas.

PRICING STRATEGY - Creating strategic price points across all your products/services. This might include bundles, pricing options for different kinds of customers & recommended donation amounts. Expressing your prices in the most motivating way for your customers. i.e. best practice sales copy. Consumers respond positively to transparent pricing. It puts them at ease before making an enquiry and enables them to plan and save for your products/services. 

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) - Improving your chances of being found on search engines like Google. It involves a range of tasks like keyword research; understanding what people search for online and how to use this insight to your advantage. Additionally, webpage copy optimisation, updating website metadata, URL structure and more.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY - Creating a social media plan for channels such as Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn, plus emerging channels which represent a new and interesting opportunity. Clearly articulating the role and purpose of each channel, the audience/s you can appeal to and the kinds of topics your content should cover. Creating a content calendar that maps out what content you need to post and what dates/times to post it for optimal results. Making full use of relevant #hashtags to boost the visibility of your content. Advising you how to make the best use of your Instagram bios.