Ben's Guide To Piano: A Creative Journey 
by Ben Spooner & Hayley Cannon

Part method, part memoir, this intimate guide to learning the piano is quite unlike anything else around. Key words here are creativity and curiosity. Curiosity is scientifically proven to enhance learning and Ben has taken it upon himself to hold your attention. Peppered with evocative vignettes of a life lived with music at its heart, Ben emerges as the teacher you always wished you’d had. An authoritative voice, blending theory with lessons from the school of life. If there’s one thing he wants you to know it’s that learning an instrument is a gift you give yourself and that Ben’s Guide To Piano is the perfect companion for the road. Available 2021.


Nature Show & Other New Tracks 
by Green and Pine

We went to the forest together alone to be still, to get older and new.

A Pop/Electronic/Folk collaboration by Hayley Cannon & Ben Spooner.

Listen to our first track Nature Show free on Spotify.

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Who Are You? Album
by Hayley Cannon feat. Nick Edward Harris 

Produced by Nick Trepka

My debut album Who Are You? was inspired by diaries capturing the bonds and relationships that shaped my twenties. This was my intimate exploration of identity, attachment, longing and finding. 

Introduced by Tom Robinson for BBC6Music.

'Honest and exposing’ - The Roundhouse.

‘One to watch’ - The Guardian.

‘Sometimes choral, sometimes serene and brimming with personal wanderings. ‘Who Are You?’ feels, on occasion, naked: It’s raw yet perfectly produced, touching and intimate yet at the same time wholly sensational.’ - Circuit Sweet

It is kind of a surrender album where you could put on the LP and have it flip over and over and just listen to it non-stop.’ - TalkNerdyWithUs

'Punchy yet haunting and filled with passionate emotion.' - Popped Music

Listen free on iTunesSpotify, SoundCloudYouTube.

Available to buy here.


Like a Hummingbird's Shadow Album
by Mark Fry feat. Hayley Cannon

I was delighted to sing for recording artist Mark Fry (Dreaming with Alice, 1972) on his new album. Available soon.


In Construction
by Hayley Cannon

In our mind's eye and in the eyes of others,

we are always In Construction.

A short poetry collection.

In Construction

Semana Santa


Vegan Birthday

Before We Met

Port Meadow

After Alghero

Come Alive

The Tall Trees Album
by Nick Edward Harris feat. Hayley Cannon

Having loved playing violin for singer-songwriter Nick Edward Harris, at gigs around the UK, I was very happy to be asked to play on his album The Tall Trees. Available to buy here.


The Oxford Muse
Introduced by Theodore Zeldin
Contribution by Hayley Cannon

Discover the secrets behind the facade of an ivory tower. The new book by The Oxford Muse, introduced by acclaimed historian and broadcaster Theodore Zeldin, is an intimate portrait of the University of Oxford. Hear the voices of porters and students alongside those of professors and college masters. Available to buy here.