An invitation to discover Transformational Breath® with me

Updated: Feb 26

Following a career in advertising I trained in a range of therapeutic modalities before opening the doors to my integrative wellness practise. My practise centres around Transformational Breath®, a highly effective form of breathwork awarded Best Complementary Medicine Organisation by the Institute Complementary & Natural Medicine. I also write and speak on breathwork, creativity and soulful living.

I'm fascinated by personal transformation and what makes it possible. I studied literature at Oxford University, which in essence is the study of people. Years later I completed courses in counselling at Birkbeck followed by psychotherapy at Regents, before stumbling upon the pioneering Transformational Breath® Foundation and training with them. That was when everything came together. I discovered how the breath impacts the mind, and how to hack it to seriously improve quality of life. I'm also a songwriter/performer with firsthand experience of how the creative process can move you forward in your life. Catharsis comes in many forms. I blend what has worked for me together for my clients.

My clients come from all walks of life. I work well with people experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem, perfectionism, career change, creative block and stage fright.

My current format for working with clients is 1-to-1 via Zoom.

Benefits of breathwork include:

  • Increase oxygenation throughout the body

  • Boost and balance energy levels

  • Stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage i.e. detoxification

  • Alleviate headaches, anaerobic diseases, and respiratory ailments e.g. asthma

  • Boost immunity

  • Boost self-esteem and joy

  • Resolve addictions and bring awareness to self-sabotaging patterns

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and negative emotions

  • Combat psychosomatic illnesses

  • Clear past trauma including birth trauma

  • Expand conscious awareness

  • Deepen meditation

  • Strengthen intuition

I believe everyone should have access to high quality information that helps them manage their health and realise their potential. I regularly create free resources, available on my website and social media channels. I invite you to check them out and hope that you find something that supports you.

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