One to watch
— The Guardian
Honest and exposing
— The Roundhouse

Who Are You?

NOV 2015 | My debut album Who Are You? was inspired by diaries capturing the bonds and relationships that shaped my twenties. This was my intimate exploration of identity, attachment, longing and finding. Listen free on YouTube or SoundCloud. Available to buy here.

Prod/co-write Nick Trepka | Feat. Nick Edward Harris on guitar | Director Julian Triandafyllou | Producers Julian Triandafyllou & Hayley Cannon

Praise for Who Are You?

The Guardian - ‘One to watch.’

The Roundhouse - ‘Honest and exposing.’

Muruch - Named Who Are You? one of the top albums of 2015.

Never enough notes - ‘With comparisons finding themselves within the likes of Sarah Blasko, Birdy and Daughter, inspiration really lies in the Kate Bush camp for Hayley, an accomplished pianist, violinist and all-round emotive rarity… With personal, touchingly autobiographical lyrics and a sensationally-intimate recorded sound, there’s a heady mix of DIY artist coupled with a real classical polish: Hayley’s a perfectionist.’

Dancing about architecture - ‘If the brief of this site is to ignore the obvious, mainstream trends, to champion the off beat and the under the radar artists, the ones making challenging and intriguing music then it seems we have a new flag to wave.’

Talk nerdy with us - ‘…the album as a whole is so cohesive. It is kind of a surrender album where you could put on the LP and have it flip over and over and just listen to it non-stop.’

Talk nerdy with us - ‘Cannon’s music has been placed in the genre of acoustic pop folk music, but it [is] much more unique than that… Her lyrics are raw.’

Circuit sweet - ‘…an impassioned story of introspective analyses, fulfilling in both depth and lightness. Sometimes choral, sometimes serene and brimming with personal wanderings. Who Are You?’ feels, on occasion, naked: It’s raw yet perfectly produced, touching and intimate yet at the same time wholly sensational.’

Never enough notes - ‘Who Are You?’ [is] an intimate and introspective piece with a dizzying climax.’

Popped music - ‘It’s been such a long time since we posted some really strong folk music and this fits the bill. It’s punchy yet haunting and filled with passionate emotion.’

Genius babble - ‘A mixture of Katie Melua, Norah Jones and Kate Bush…an odd mix but it works.’

High violet - ‘Who Are You? seeks to imprint itself on your soul… Perhaps Hayley is a gypsy at heart? Perhaps she feels like a ghost around modern culture? Perhaps she’s your long lost Mary Poppins-esque eccentric aunt waiting to be reunited with you and to give you lucky charms, nursery rhymes and wisdom.’

Never enough notes

With guitars - Nov 2015

With guitars - Dec 2015

With guitars - Dec 2015 #2

With guitars - Jan 2016

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