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Hello, I’m Hayley…

I’m a Transformational Breath® Facilitator in training and this powerful modality enhances my life in many ways. Physically, I sing and exercise more easily - without my asthma getting in the way. Emotionally I enjoy balance and perspective. After 12yrs leaning on medication, I now use my breath to manage any symptoms of anxiety and depression before they get a hold. Artistically I’m in flow, moving gracefully through “blocks” in my work as a singer-songwriter and creative writer. And finally I feel more connected, to myself and to higher states of consciousness. Discovering Transformational Breath® has been life changing and it is a joy to share it with you.

Oxygen is key to cellular regeneration - the antidote for many sicknesses - but most people only use one third of their respiratory system to breathe.
— Transformational Breath Foundation

Transformational Breath®

Everyone’s breathing pattern is unique, just like a fingerprint. A Transformational Breath® session begins with a breath analysis. We discover your breath pattern and how it correlates with your physical and emotional health. Next we use conscious connected breathing, combined with sound healing and acupressure techniques, to increase the depth and flow of your breath. Transformational Breath® can resolve stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, asthma, psychosomatic illness, self sabotaging patterns and addictions. It can also deepen meditation and bring more love and joy into your life. After just a few sessions, you’ll be fully equipped to practice independently at home.

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